Crypto-Hunter is a game formed by a grid of 8 boxes high and 8 boxes across filled with various cryptocurrencies.
The goal of the game is collect the cryptocurrencies by matching in groups of 3 or more, horizontally or vertically by reversing two adjacent coins each time.

When the coins are aligned they are collected by your crew and those that are above fall bringing forth new coins. You will earn bonus coins if you successfully align more than three coins.

During the fall, it is possible that coins of the same type will line up causing a chain reaction which will also award bonus coins.

After collecting enough coins you will be rewarded with a bonus object, a bomb (Bomb) that when selected will explode and destroy all of the surrounding coins.

You have 3 minutes to reach the required number of points for each level.

Your game ends when you can not collect enough points in the alloted time or if there are no remaining moves.

Need help ? If you are stuck on a level, do not panic, you will be offered a hint after a period of inactivity.